Importance of storyboard before shooting a drone video

///Importance of storyboard before shooting a drone video

Importance of storyboard before shooting a drone video


Over the last few years drones have become a popular tool in film and video production. With more and more content being created it’s important to set your content apart and using a storyboard can do just that. A storyboard is a tool for collaboration and gear selection. It can also be useful in clearly communicating your desired shot and staying legal.

If you are a drone operator who’d like to learn how to use a storyboard, then we recommend our Advanced Aerial Photography/Videography course.

Importance of storyboard for a drone pilot before shooting a drone video

Drone pilot flying DJI drone, Credit: Stock Photography

Drone pilot flying DJI drone, Credit: Stock Photography

If you haven’t noticed the increasing use of drones in film and video production by video editing professionals over the last few years, you haven’t been paying close attention – or perhaps any attention at all. Take a closer look at commercials, news reports, television programs, feature films, online videos, and more. You’ll see drone footage employed in an increasing amount.

With the increase in footage has come an increase in the number of professional drone pilots. If you’re planning on using drone footage in your production, employing a skilled professional is one of the best ways to ensure that your video editing professionals get the highest quality footage, shot professionally with high-quality equipment.

The drone pilot and his role in your production

It’s not nearly good enough to hire a drone pilot and bring him on location the day of shooting when you’ve got specific shots that you need for your film or video. Think of your drone operator the same way you’d think of a professional cinematographer – as an artist that you’ll share your creative vision with in a collaborative fashion. By consulting your drone pilot and sharing your storyboard with him, your production will benefit.

Gear selections

A professional drone pilot will need to have a handle on the requirements of the shots you’ll need to make smart decisions about the gear they’ll need for the shoot. Depending on the altitude and distance required and the videography requirements, they may want to utilize different drones or other UAVs to successfully execute the shots they’ll make for your video editing professionals.

Practice makes perfect

As we’ve discussed, there are many possibilities for enhancing your video with drone shots. But to translate the vision into reality, your drone pilot has to develop the skills necessary for the specific situation. A storyboard representation of the shot will provide them with a clear idea of exactly what they’ll be required to do to execute the shot properly on the day of shooting. By being able to show your drone pilot exactly what to practice, you’ll save time during the shoot and come out with better footage for your video editing professionals to work with when they add the footage into the editing queue.

Staying legal

Nothing will throw a wrench into your shooting day plans than realizing when you reach your location, that some of your planned shots can’t be executed because of local, state, or federal regulations on drone usage. Professional drone pilots will be up to date on drone regulations and restrictions and are your best source of information on this topic. By providing your drone pilot with a storyboard of the planned shots and locations, you can ensure that you’ll avoid unexpected delays in shooting and delays in getting footage to your video editing professionals like the video caddy company.

Your drone pilot is a part of the team

When planning out your film or video, think of your drone pilot as an integral part of the team, just as important as your writer, camera operator, sound engineer, video editing professionals, and actors. By keeping your drone pilot in the loop with access to your storyboards, you’ll not only avoid problems on location during your shooting but also be able to tap into their expertise and ideas. Your production will run more smoothly, and you’ll probably end up with a better result, too!

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