In the UK, BALPA Seeks Tougher Drone Regulations

///In the UK, BALPA Seeks Tougher Drone Regulations

In the UK, BALPA Seeks Tougher Drone Regulations

At Drone Universities, we believe in education over regulation, but that isn’t the stance that everyone takes. Now the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) feels like a drone catastrophe is very likely. They cite recent “near collision” incidents that have recently grounded and diverted flights. The organization is demanding a compulsory registration of all drones.

The British Airline Pilots Association is warning of a looming catastrophe unless drones are subject to tougher regulations.

The association demanded the compulsory registration of drones Monday after Gatwick Airport briefly closed its runway over safety concerns when a drone was spotted in the area.

Authorities diverted four EasyJet flights. One British Airways flight was sent to Bournemouth Airport.

The union’s flight safety specialist, Steve Landells, says the incident shows “the threat of drones being flown near manned aircraft must be addressed before we see a disaster.”

UK pilots warn of disaster, seek tougher rules for drones



About the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA)

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) is the professional association and registered trade union established to represent the interests of all UK pilots. We represent over 10,000 pilots and are recognised in 23 different companies; that’s over 85% of all commercial pilots flying in the UK. The association holds the largest collective resource of commercial pilot qualification and experience in the UK.

BALPA is a community of elected pilot representatives and pilot volunteers, managed by a pilot executive, and supported by over 40 full-time staff members and professional specialists. Find out who you need to contact from our HQ team of staff.

Image Credit: British Airways, BriYYZ September 1, 2007


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