Introducing “Snoopy,” A Wi-Fi Hacking Drone

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Introducing “Snoopy,” A Wi-Fi Hacking Drone

I’ve reported on drones capable of hacking before, so “Snoopy,” a new drone from Scotland that is capable Wi-Fi hacking, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Named “Snoopy”, the drone will be revealed on Wednesday at the Trading Securely for Business conference, where it will take part in active demonstrations to show how it can be used to steal data.

Snoopy and its creator, Glenn Wilkinson, are to be welcomed by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) ahead of conference in Edinburgh, which is being billed as the most comprehensive cyber security event ever to take place in Scotland.

The drone will be used to highlight the importance of protecting mobile devices, which criminals are increasingly targeting with a variety of techniques.

Mr Wilkinson, an “ethical hacker” at security firm SensePost, believes that everyday use of Wi-Fi enabled devices can create opportunities for criminals.

Drone which can hack mobile devices to be revealed

Snoopy, according to Mr. Wilkinson, “is able to hack devices which are constantly searching for Wi-Fi by duping them into connecting to the snoopy device. With devices like the Raspberry Pi rapidly evolving, we are now on version 3, I can only imagine we will be seeing many more hacking capable drones flying around.

Scottish Business Resilience Centre Logo

Scottish Business Resilience Centre Logo

About the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC)

We are a unique organisation comprising contributions and secondments from Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, major banks, industries, investors and private membership.  We aim to provide our members with a wide ranging one stop shop for business security services and advice and to date have established ourselves as a hub of innovation and business improvement in support of our partners and the business community.


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