Introducing the Modular Wingsland S6 Quadcopter

///Introducing the Modular Wingsland S6 Quadcopter

Introducing the Modular Wingsland S6 Quadcopter

While I’m not a big supporter of weaponizing drones (are you listening Connecticut legislature?), Chinese company Wingsland has a new, pocket-size drone named S6 that supports a toy gun attachment. Is this a good idea? I’m not sure, but I will agree Nick Lavar’s observation that it can take your “Nerf wars to the next level.” In addition to the gun attachment, the S6 has searchlight and display board attachments.

If you’re of the opinion that drones are plenty dangerous enough already without loading them up with actual firearms, then the newly launched S6 from Chinese company Wingsland may be more to your tastes. The pocket-sized drone carries a number of par-for-the-course features such as a high-res camera and automated flight modes, but can also be rigged up with various attachments including a flashlight and a toy gun.

Some drones are built for speed, while others are crafted for high-grade aerial cinematography. Wingsland seems to have developed the S6 with a clear emphasis on simply having a grand old time.

Toy gun-packing drone might take backyard Nerf wars to the next level

The Wingsland S6 is available for purchase on for $399.00.


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