Introducing the Vantage Robotics Snap. A Lot Of Drone, In A Small Package.

///Introducing the Vantage Robotics Snap. A Lot Of Drone, In A Small Package.

Introducing the Vantage Robotics Snap. A Lot Of Drone, In A Small Package.

Smaller drones, even micro drones, have their place in the drone eco-system. They are, generally, inexpensive, ready-to-fly out of the package and easy to pilot. Take a quick look at the Vantage Robotics Snap drone, you might think you were looking at another “toy” drone. You would be wrong. This smallish drone comes packed with a lot of technology.

Introducing Snap by Vantage Robotics

When you first look at the Vantage Robotics Snap drone, you might think it’s just another flying toy. Perhaps even a 3D-printed flying toy. There are four rotors protected with lightweight housings, a detachable camera module that looks a bit like a flashlight, and the whole thing folds up and fits in your backpack. Super cute, right!?

Wrong! In terms of capabilities and features, this drone is serious. That camera? It’s a 4K camera with a Sony Exmor sensor that shoots UltraHD video at 30fps, 1080p video at up to 120fps, and 720p video at up to 240fps; it’ll live-stream 720p video at 30fps. Although that lightweight 1.1-pound body looks a little flimsy, don’t worry about it introducing a ton of camera shake: The camera is mounted on a two-axis mechanical gimbal, and video is further bolstered by electronic stabilization.

Don’t Be Fooled: This Adorable Little Drone Means Business

If you are one of those people who likes to skim through posts and often skips watching the video, this video is worth it. Watching the video you can see how safe it is, thanks to lightweight rotor protection, and how compact/portable it is, thanks to its snap apart/folding design.

Pricing for the Vantage Robotics Snap is $895 for pre-orders through September 22, then the price tag will jump to $1,295. The Vantage Robotics team has stated that this is a modular platform, so expect different enhancements to be available in the near future, too.

While you are waiting for your near Snap drone to arrive, you can always entertain yourself by checking out more videos on the Vantage Robotics YouTube channel.

vantage-robotics-logo1About Vantage Robotics

At Vantage Robotics, we believe flying cameras should be safe and easy to use for everyone.  That hasn’t been the case with other drones and flying cameras, so we set out to solve this problem.  Flying is magical to us, and we want to share that experience with the world. Go on, tell your story from above.

The team at Vantage has over half a century of combined experience developing and manufacturing high tech products, both at premier design consultancies like IDEO as well as within our own companies (we’ve started a collective seven of them). The company has the backing of investors who have taken over 20 high tech companies from seed or founding through acquisition or IPO, including Twitter. We have done nothing over the last two years, but focus on making the best flying camera the world has ever seen.

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