Introduction To Drones Courses Popping Up Everywhere

///Introduction To Drones Courses Popping Up Everywhere

Introduction To Drones Courses Popping Up Everywhere

It seems like everyone is catching on to the trend, drones aren’t the next big thing, they are the current big thing. That’s why you are seeing more and more examples of drone training. This latest example is Hagerstown Community College.

If you are a local resident of Hagerstown, Maryland now you can check out the HCC drone offerings. If you aren’t, then consider Drone Universities. Similar to HCC, we also offer an Introduction to Drones course. (We’ve been offering our courses for over two years and now train in 49 different cities.)

With a few strategic jolts of a joystick, students were up and flying over the sunset on a recent spring evening at Hagerstown Community College.

They were watching the footage on a miniature screen in front of them and focusing on what they’ve learned so far in a different kind of three-credit class this semester.

The “Introduction to Drones” class started in mid-February and focuses on flying, as well as Federal Aviation Administration regulations, civilian usage and operations.

HCC students learn to fly high in drone class

Hagerstown, MarylandAbout Hagerstown, Maryland

Hagerstown is a city in Washington County, Maryland. It is the county seat of Washington County, and the largest city in a region known as Western Maryland (Washington, Allegany, and Garrett counties, plus western Frederick County). The population of Hagerstown city proper at the 2010 census was 39,662, and the population of the Hagerstown-Martinsburg Metropolitan Area (extending into West Virginia) was 269,140. Hagerstown ranks as Maryland’s sixth largest incorporated city


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