Is FPV Racing Driving Drone Innovation?

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Is FPV Racing Driving Drone Innovation?

Historically speaking, car racing has been a great source of automotive innovation. Now with the growing popularity of FPV (First-person View) drone racing, will we see the same trends? That’s the question that Graham Warwick asks in his Aviation Week & Space Technology titled “Drone Racing Pushing Small, Fast UAS Technology.”

Air racing was a powerful driver of both technology and public awareness in the early days of aviation. Motor racing has been the proving ground for advances in the automotive industry. Will the emergence of drone racing do the same for unmanned aircraft?

Drone Racing Pushing Small, Fast UAS Technology

I think we will see the same or at least a very similar trend as drone racing parallels automotive racing. FPV racing is a hot new space, and a leader is definitely the Drone Racing League (DRL). Where will we see the impact? A quick visit to the DRL Technology page reveals a lot.

Technology is core to every element of drone racing, from the design of the drones to the way video is transmitted from the drone to the pilot. There are three major pieces of equipment: Drones, goggles and controllers.


Thanks to the blossoming popularity of drone racing, it’s very reasonable that your next consumer drone purchase will take advantage of drone technologies originally designed for and tested in drone racing.

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