Israeli Company Introduces FlyTrex Mule for Drone Deliveries

///Israeli Company Introduces FlyTrex Mule for Drone Deliveries

Israeli Company Introduces FlyTrex Mule for Drone Deliveries

Now that we’ve been able to effectively, albeit for short bursts of time, conquer low-cost, stable flight, one of the holy grails that the drone industry has promised us is near-real-time product delivery. Who wouldn’t want their next meal delivered still hot, fresh from the sky. Thanks to work from FlyTrex, that vision is getting much closer to reality.

A future in which drones deliver our goods is not far off.

Giants like Amazon are working on drone delivery, and once regulatory hurdles are overcome, the rest of the market will want to compete.

That’s where FlyTrex comes in.

We visited the company, based in Tel Aviv, which is an end-to-end product that offers hardware and software so businesses can deliver their goods via drone.

The FlyTrex Mule, an octocopter about the size of a mini fridge, is able to carry up to ~6 lbs, which is the equivalent of about four Chipotle burritos. It can fly for a distance of around 14 miles at a speed of about 45mph.

This FlyTrex drone can deliver beer (and anything else under 6lbs)

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Flytrex offers end-to-end, personally tailored, drone delivery solution for your business applications. Powered by our cloud-based system, the Flytrex line of delivery drones takes your B2B or B2C needs from the streets to the sky

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