Key Review Takeaways for the DJI Phantom 3

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Key Review Takeaways for the DJI Phantom 3

I was catching up on my drone related reading this weekend, and I stumbled upon an interesting article by Andrew Amato of In it, Andrew makes a great observation. While the DJI Phantom 3 has been available for purchase for over a month, no real “one month” reviews have been published by the “major tech publications.”

When DJI’s Phantom 3 was first announced in April, it seemed like every media outlet ran a story about it. Everyone praised the Phantom 3 for being the next step in consumer drone technology. 4K! Livestreaming! Built in Lightbridge! A $1,259 price tag! A billion-dollar drone company! Oh, what a world!

But since the Phantom 3’s release just over a month ago, very few have publicly said what the experience is like. None of the major tech publications have run a “One month with the Phantom 3″ review yet. (And I am not counting Amazon reviews.)

Instead of a “one month” review, Andrew was nice enough to aggregate four detailed DJI’s Phantom 3 reviews.

My key takeaways are:

  • “… the new Phantom 3 zips through the air with pinpoint precision and even more responsiveness. It’s not like flying an upgrade, it’s like flying a completely new product.” – Elia Locardi
  • “Even yawing (rotating) in place produces a very smooth spin rather than the old “toilet bowl” effect. The controls are very quick and snappy.” – Colin Smith
  • “DJI has promoted the idea of a “flying camera” and that is exactly what the Phantom 3 is. This is not a drone you’d want to buy for racing around the park, lifting other payloads, experimentation and/or hacking, rather it’s a tool which allows the hobbyist to takes pictures and video from new perspectives.” – Craig Issod
  • “It’s safe to say that no consumer drone on the market gives you anywhere near the functionality of the DJI Phantom for a similar price. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find this combination of features even at triple the price.” – Craig Issod

Colin Smith was nice enough to produce the following professional review video:

If you’ve read my author bio, then you know I fly a DJI Phantom 3 Professional Gold Drone with a 4k camera too. I’m going to leave the reviews to the professionals and just say it’s an amazing piece of engineering. If your goal is drone photography/videography, then the DJI Phantom 3 should seriously be considered.


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