Making Money With Your Drone

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Making Money With Your Drone

Alan Perlman, of UAV Coach, recently wrote a piece titled “5 Ways to Make Money With Your Drone.” 5 Ways to Make Money With Your Drone was published on It’s an interesting piece, highlighting a few of the ways US drone pilots are already generating revenue, but I take issue with the idea of setting aside “FAA regulations,” and “flying extremely safely and professionally.” My preference is to encourage drone pilots to get the proper training they need, regardless if they are a new drone pilot, or an experienced pilot that needs to get a 333 exemption.

You bought your drone, have a few hours of flying under your belt and understand what it means to practice safe, ethical flying.

You’re bullish on commercial drone opportunities and want to know how to get your piece of the pie. Fortunately for you, there are countless ways to take advantage of this blossoming industry.

For a moment, let’s set aside hardware and software considerations, FAA regulations, pricing and packaging strategies, and flying extremely safely and professionally, and let’s run through a few different ways U.S.-based pilots are already making money with their drones, and how you can too

5 Ways to Make Money With Your Drone

Here are the five ways that Alan identifies as revenue generating opportunities:

  1. Sell aerial footage to high-end properties
  2. Offer aerial wedding photography/videography
  3. “Inspect stuff”
  4. “Dive deeper and commit to the industry”
  5. Become an FPV racer

I’d love to hear from you, our readers. If you are using your drone professionally, how are you using it?

Want one more way you can generate revenue from your drone piloting experience? Why not become a drone training instructor?



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