Maryland Drone Operator Arrested After Flying Near An Active Fire

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Maryland Drone Operator Arrested After Flying Near An Active Fire

It was just a matter of time before I had to report on a story like this. I mean it was inevitable right? After all the stories I’ve posted about people flying their drones near active fires. Now, in College Park, Maryland, Trevon Miller, a 24 year old drone pilot, has been arrested. Why? He was flying his drone near a five-alarm fire and forced a police helicopter into evasive maneuvers.

If you are thinking of getting some photos of the next big fire blazing nearby, just don’t. It’s not safe. Furthermore, it reflects badly on the entire drone community. We need to be better than that.

A College Park man was arrested Monday for allegedly flying a drone in restricted airspace and into the path of a police helicopter that was trying to assist firefighters battling the five-alarm fire at an apartment complex near the University of Maryland campus, police say.

The helicopter pilot prevented a collision by using evasive maneuvers, according to a statement from the Prince George’s County Police.

Officers found Trevon Miller, 24, on the ground and arrested him. He has been charged with interfering with police and fire response, along with reckless endangerment. Detectives will consider further charges after consulting with the Federal Aviation Administration, police say.

Man arrested for flying drone in path of police helicopter near College Park fire

If you’ve invested in an expensive drone, then make sure you invest in drone education as well. Learn the skills you need, from an industry expert, and you’ll be thankful you did. I’m sure Trevon wishes he had.

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