More Drones in Education Sightings. This Time In Omaha, Nebraska.

///More Drones in Education Sightings. This Time In Omaha, Nebraska.

More Drones in Education Sightings. This Time In Omaha, Nebraska.

It seems that drones are popping up in schools everywhere. Now, from Omaha, Nebraska, I’ve got another great story to share. Westside High School is one of the high schools leading the way in drone use, after their local district purchased 25 drones.

Jeff Ingraham pushed a lever on a radio controller, and a white DJI Phantom drone whined and lifted off the running track.

A few more pushes and pulls, and the drone sailed to a spot high above the turf, hovering still as a rock, its high-definition camera recording the action below.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that one day soon, drones like this will probably swoop into your kids’ school. If they aren’t there already.

The compact, remote-controlled aircraft are providing marching band directors and football coaches with a bird’s-eye view of formations.

In science class, students write programs to steer miniature drones through obstacle courses.

School officials capture dramatic, Hollywood-style videos to show off their facilities and promote their districts.

Drones increasingly becoming common part of education

It’s hard to disagree with Jeff Ingraham’s observations about drone use in high schools:

“It just seemed to be an incredibly compelling way of engaging students, specifically in STEM concepts — science, technology, engineering, math — that is so important for the future of our nation,” Ingraham said.

Drones increasingly becoming common part of education

Shouldn’t we use any and all tools that encourage our youth to learn?

Westside High School Stadium

Westside High School Stadium

About Westside High School

Westside High School is a comprehensive high school of over 2,000 students located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. Westside High School is the only high school of the Westside Community Schools district (also known as District 66 to local residents) of Omaha, Nebraska.

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