Mystery Drone drops money from the sky?

///Mystery Drone drops money from the sky?

Mystery Drone drops money from the sky?

Todd Chance, a journalist at MLive, reported that a mystery drone dropped cash on people at the Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This event caused excitment in the crows as people started screaming and rushing to grab their “share.”

“It was hovering over the center of the circle and after a couple of minutes it dropped what appeared to be money,” Blohm stated. “Once people realized the cash was real, they swarmed to pick it up.”

Blohm said the money appeared to be all single dollar bills and estimated about $50 was dropped before the drone flew off. Blohm believes the operators of the device were standing on top of the JW Marriott hotel.

While two people were seen walking on top of the JW Marriott Hotel, when contacted, officials at the JW Marriott expressed no knowledge of a promotion or scheduled drone flight.

Mystery drone drops cash on downtown lunch crowd

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