New DJI Firmware Update Adds Popular Features Including Auto-Follow

///New DJI Firmware Update Adds Popular Features Including Auto-Follow

New DJI Firmware Update Adds Popular Features Including Auto-Follow

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DJI has just released a new firmware update for their Phantom and Inspire drones. The focus of this firmware update is the addition of “intelligent flight modes.” Now you can have your DJI drone auto-follow, fly using way-points and auto-film. These new features enhance an already strong product from the leading drone manufacturer.

A warning comes with all these new features from DJI. The “Intelligent Flight Modes” should only be used when the GPS signals are strong enough. According to DJI, “Pilots are also advised to keep the drone’s controller in hand at all times, even when using automatic functions.”

DJI’s latest generation of drones, the Phantom 3 lineup, gained a number of new features on Monday, thanks to new firmware that adds “intelligent flight modes,” including auto-follow, waypoints, and auto-filming of points of interest.

The new firmware is available for DJI’s Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, and Phantom 3 Standard drones. It can also be applied to the company’s higher end Inspire 1 flying camera.

The new modes enabled by the update are:

  • Waypoints: Record a flight path, then tell your Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 to fly along the same path repeatedly while you control the camera and orientation. Save your favorite missions, customize speed, and more.
  • Point of Interest: Tell your Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 to automatically revolve around a designated object, person, or place in a perfect circle. Automatic and customizable, get shots that only experts could before.
  • Follow Me: Tell your Phantom 3 to follow you, and it automatically flies and keeps you in the camera’s view wherever you go. This is not available on the Inspire 1.
  • Home Lock: Customize your flight controls to be relative to you at all times. Flick a switch, and forward/backward and left/right flight will be set in relation to the Home Point.
  • Course Lock: Easily fly along a set path by putting your platform into Course Lock, which sets all flight controls to directions relative to its current heading.

DJI Updates Phantom 3 Drones with New “Intelligent Flight Modes,” Including Auto-Follow

At Drone Universities, all students who enroll in our introductory drone college course, “Introduction to Drones,” will receive a free DJI Phantom. Students will use this drone during their coursework and then take it home upon course completion. All DJI drones provided will have the latest firmware update.

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