New German Drone Laws

///New German Drone Laws

New German Drone Laws

Generally speaking, the Drone Universities blog has a US focus. However, occasionally we do cover news outside this sphere. This is one of those times. It seems that Germany is taking a fairly strict attitude towards consumer drone use, especially in residential areas. If you are curious to learn more, then I recommend you follow the link and continue reading.

Germany’s new drone rules have come into effect, setting limits on what people can do with their unmanned aerial vehicles in the country.

According to the new regulations, if a drone weighs more than 2kg (4.4lb), its operator is supposed to demonstrate knowledge of how to fly it safely, by presenting either a pilot’s license or a certificate from an air sports association, or by taking an examination.

If the drone weighs more than 5kg (11lb), operators will have to get special permission from the federal aviation authorities before they can use it.

However, any drone weighing 250g (0.56lb) or more will from October 1 have to carry a badge or aluminum sticker bearing the owner’s name and address.

Drones cannot be flown above a height of 100m without permission. If they weigh over 250g, they cannot be flown over residential areas. And whatever the weight, if it can broadcast or record video or audio, flying it over houses that aren’t your own is verboten.

Drone laws: New German rules aim to stop eye-in-the-sky snooping

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