Drone Video: NEWINC – “Prototyping A Spray Painting Quadcopter”

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Drone Video: NEWINC – “Prototyping A Spray Painting Quadcopter”

Prototyping a Spray Painting Quadcopter at NEWINC // Becky Stern

It’s amazing what people can do with commercially off the shelf components. Wagenknecht, Moore, and Stern, a group from the all-female collective Deep Lab have been experimenting with different techniques for distributing the paint with a drone and drone art in general.

The Snowden revelations and a male-dominated art and tech community were reasons enough for artist Addie Wagenknecht to form the all-female collective Deep Lab in November 2014, but issues of anonymity, privacy, and surveillance had been on her mind for several years before the NSA leaks.

This interest came out of taking notice of the infrastructure of surveillance. The first instance of this was a growing awareness of the prevalence of CCTV cameras around New York City around 2007 and 2008; she began mapping camera locations and finding routes between them. Since then, she has been making work about the number of ways this infrastructure takes shape.

Drone paintings exemplify this practice, as Wagenknecht makes visible the traces of machines that have a tendency to fly above our radar. While she developed the process of drone paintings and has been making paintings with this method since 2007—with pieces including Foundation Mathematics as Concept Art, (2015); Everything and Nothing was Beautiful (2014); and the series Black Hawk Paint (2008)—for this iteration, she employed the practice as a collaborative live performance for the first time. This was realized with fellow Deep Lab members Lindsay Howard and Maddy Varner, with technical contributions from NEW INC member Dan Moore and Becky Stern of Adafruit, and supported by 3D Robotics.

Permission to Fail: A Drone Painting Performance

Want your own spray painting quadcopter? Remember that this quadcopter can only be used for “for sanctioned UAV painting” and “for indoor drone painting.”

This guide follows an attempt to make a spray painting quadcopter for indoor drone painting.

It is a series of experiments and observations, not quite a perfect step-by-step tutorial! =D

Use this guide on your own property only! We do not endorse the use of this technology for any illegal painting.

This guide was developed with support from NEWINC, Deep Lab, and 3D Robotics, and through collaboration with Dan Moore and KATSU.

Quadcopter Spray Can Mod
Quadcopter Spray Can Mod (PDF)

Similar to Adafrust, Drone Universities provides the above links for educational purposes only. We do not endorse the use of this technology for any illegal painting. Use at your own risk. This is not graffiti 2.0.


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