Parrot Lets You Pilot Drones Over Water, Over Land And In The Air

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Parrot Lets You Pilot Drones Over Water, Over Land And In The Air

Let’s face it. The larger drones have been stealing the spotlight from the minidrones and microdrones. Larger drones means larger payloads which means better cameras. The logic is fairly simple. Minidrones and microdrones have one key advantage over their larger brothers, price. Parrot has just revealed three new drones (well maybe two and a cool drone upgrade?) with 13 variations. It’s really cool to see drone innovation from a company like Parrot considering according to their website, “Parrot creates, develops and markets advanced consumer technology products for Smartphones and tablets.”

So I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news. Parrot’s new drones let you pilot drones on the water, over land and in the air. They have released a traditional airborne quadcopter with some cool options. The guys at Geek think you might even be able to attach legos to one model. There is a new rolling design, think Parrot Sumo, that is in the jumping drone category. These little guys can jump 32 inches. The last new design is a hydrofoil, but I’m not sure I’d consider it a drone because it lacks propulsion. You will need to attach a flying minidrone. Nonetheless a hydrofoil is cool. Per usual, all of these minidrones are controlled using the Parrot FreeFlight app.

The bad news. These guys aren’t available for sale in the US (yet).

Drones aren’t always huge and hugely expensive. Parrot has been selling a line of minidrones for the last few years, and today it has revealed 13 new ones. That’s not 13 individual types of drone, but 13 “versions” of three different types. There are new flying and rolling drones, as well as one that takes to the waves for the first time.

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