Prisoners Using Drones To Transport Contraband

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Prisoners Using Drones To Transport Contraband

This is not the first time, and definitely not the last time, I’ll be reporting on drones being used to “mule” illegal contraband into prisons. In this case, the drone may have been the catalyst for a large fight.

The large fight came a day after officers found a drone inside the prison and broke up a fight involving a knife.

During afternoon recreation time Monday, three inmates approached a sergeant and handed over a drone they had found in the prison’s yard, Miller said. The drone had a camera and a picture of a Ninja Turtle painted on its side, he said.

The drone was turned over to the New York State Police, Miller said. Investigators are working to determine when the drone was flown into the prison’s yard.

Drone, drugs, 10-inmate fight lock down Auburn Correctional Facility

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