Reducing LiPo Battery Charging Dangers With BAT-SAFE

///Reducing LiPo Battery Charging Dangers With BAT-SAFE

Reducing LiPo Battery Charging Dangers With BAT-SAFE

Phantom 4 - Intelligent Flight Battery, Credit: DJI

Phantom 4 – Intelligent Flight Battery (LiPo)

Ask any seasoned drone pilot and they will have a strong opinion on how to safely charge LiPo batteries. I’ve heard a variety of answer, but a favorite of mine has always been an old barbecue. The goal, regardless of the answer, is always the same – to reduce the dangers of overcharging a LiPo battery.

Now, thanks to the funded KickStarter campaign, the Bat-Safe we have a purpose built solution. The BAT-SAFE is definitely a must have for any serious drone operator.

If you’re into drones, FPV or RC, then you have lithium batteries. In the past several years they have become an integral part of our hobby.

It may be rare, but they do catch on fire. That is why all manufactures caution to charge only while attended. As I got use to charging lithium batteries, I became more and more careless. I like to go to the field with batteries charged, so started charging the night before. Thankfully I was in my shop when I had my first charging fire or my entire house would have burnt down.


Check out the Bat-Safe in action below:

Battery blowing up inside the BAT-SAFE, Credit: BAT-SAFE

Battery blowing up inside the BAT-SAFE

In my opinion, you shouldn’t risk a LiPo accident. So if you don’t want to be another, completely avoidable, LiPo battery fire news story, consider the Bat-Safe. If you’d like to learn more about batteries, the different types, safe charging, safe storage, safe travel and accident mitigation are all topics covered in our Introduction to Drones course.

With just 20 hours remaining on the KickStarter campaign at the time of writing, $32,536 has already been raised (against a goal of $25,000). If you’d like to take advantage of the special pricing available through crowdfunding, then you will need to move fast, otherwise you may just end up finding yourself having to pay full retail at a later date.

(In case you were wondering the large image above is an actual LiPo fire. The image comes from a fire test on a LiPo Accu Battery 6S 10000, so while it was a legitimate LiPo fire, no person or property were at risk.)


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