Replacing Fireworks with Swarms of Drones

///Replacing Fireworks with Swarms of Drones

Replacing Fireworks with Swarms of Drones

The following story seems very timely just days after the 4th of July. In the future, you might just be watching swarms of drones lighting the 4th of July sky, replacing the ever present firework. Major companies like Google, Disney and Intel are all already working on it.

In an era where it seems that some pilots can barely control one drone, some companies want to operate dozens or even hundreds at a time.

Companies like Intel Corp., Alphabet Inc., Project Wing, Qualcomm Inc., and Walt Disney Co. are working on technology to make it possible for dozens and even hundreds of drones to fly together, operated by a single person. The drone industry calls them “swarm drones,” and you might have seen them operating in fireworks-style shows at Coachella or Walt Disney World, where hundreds of Intel drones flew over the skies of the famous entertainment spot. They most famously performed behind Lady Gaga in the Super Bowl.

The Federal Aviation Administration won’t allow any aircraft to fly near stadiums during major sporting events for safety reasons, out of fear that two drones might accidentally collide and crash into a crowd. Swarm drones have flown over other non-sporting events, but only sort-of. Disney flew drones over its Disney Springs shopping center, though the drones never flew directly over people.

‘Swarm drones’ could replace fireworks and more, but fear keeps most grounded

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