Safely Inspecting Roofs with Drones

///Safely Inspecting Roofs with Drones

Safely Inspecting Roofs with Drones

Next time you are piloting your favorite DJI drone, consider this fact, that same drone, in someone else’s hands is taking the danger out of someone’s day job. Consider construction, specifically roof inspection …

One of the most dangerous parts of an inspector’s duties is performing a roof nail inspection.

Walking on a sloped surface often covered in saw dust can result in slips and falls. The classical solution used by fat guys and old guys was to poke at the roof sheathing with a 2” x 4” from below. Now there is a technological solution and that is an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone.

Town of Paradise Valley enlists drone as inspector


If you want a drone for roof inspecting, the three most important drone qualities for inspecting roofs are:

  1. Stability
  2. Collision Avoidance
  3. Camera Resolution

Are you in construction? Have you considered using drones professionally? Drone Universities can provide you the education you need to safely and effectively operate drones in a commercial environment. Let us prepare you for the FAA Part 107.

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