Section 333 Exemptions For The Real Estate Industry Are A Big Win

///Section 333 Exemptions For The Real Estate Industry Are A Big Win

Section 333 Exemptions For The Real Estate Industry Are A Big Win

With more and more Section 333 Exemptions being issued by the FAA for real estate specific aerial photography, the real estate industry is starting to realize the economic opportunity drone provide. Simplifying things further, aerial photography for most real estate purposes is covered by the blanket COA the FAA recently issued.

Over 1,300 Section 333 waivers have now been issued for the commercial use of small, unmanned aerial systems – also known as UASs or drones – that weigh less than 55 pounds. That’s big news in the real estate industry, as a significant percentage of those waivers have gone to users in the business of real estate.

Although wide-scale commercial use for drones is currently prohibited, the FAA’s work to streamline the waiver process has allowed significant momentum to build behind the concept. In addition to increasing its efforts to grant waivers, the FAA has also issued a blanket Certificate of Authorization to waiver-holders for flights under 200 feet.
Now, operators with Section 333 waivers are taking off – pun intended.

That’s a big win for many small businesses that are now able to operate for the first time, and a step towards recognizing the economic opportunity that these technologies represent.

Real estate industry ready for safe, responsible commercial drones

The idea of filming a property to highlight it is straightforward enough, but drones can provide unique perspectives that visually communicate what amenities a property is close to. This is a big plus according to Scott Gerami, a Naperville, Illinois based real estate agent.

Scott Gerami

Scott Gerami

Gerami said he wants to give potential home buyers “a different, fresh perspective of a home’s nearby amenities and the relative proximity of schools, parks and trails.

“Why not highlight close schools or a pool or a nearby park?” he said. “Showing where everything is in proximity to each other could be the key to a buyer’s decision.”

Drones Could Be Next Tool for Real Estate Agents

If you’d like to jump start you career in real estate aerial photography, then you should consider enrolling in drone college and take our “Drone Aerial Photography/Videography” course.

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