Simulating Aerial Photography: A How-to Guide

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Simulating Aerial Photography: A How-to Guide

On VertWorx, I recently highlighted the Public Lab Squid Kite, that can help you capture some aerial shots on a shoe-string budget. Chung Dha has another solution; he uses his Samsung Galaxy S8, a smooth phone gimbal and 5 meter boom pole. This combination is definitely more expensive then the Public Lab solution, however the quality is significantly better as well.

YouTuber Chung Dha has offered vloggers and filmmakers some useful tips on how to record snazzy aerial shots if you can’t get your hands on a drone or if they’re banned at the location where you’re planning to shoot.

The simple setup involves a 5-meter boom pole with a gimbal and smartphone or action camera attached to the end. Specifically, Dha uses a Samsung Galaxy S8 handset, a Zhiyun Smooth III phone gimbal, and a Miliboo boom pole

[Editor Note: not available on Amazon, but these similar boom pole’s are], which when lifted can give you shots even higher than 5 meters. OK, that’s hardly going to result in the kind of aerial footage you’re used to seeing from camera-equipped quadcopters that fly high in the sky, but the system could still prove useful for filmmakers looking to get above the crowds.

Dha shows off some samples shots (above) taken at a recent music festival in the Netherlands, and the results are certainly impressive. If you didn’t know it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a DJI Phantom or Mavic flying machine capturing the silky smooth footage, with the vlogger’s steady handiwork showing the potential of his pretty basic kit.

Watch How This Clever Vlogger Shoots “Drone Footage” Without A Drone

and without further interruption, here is the video:

Fake a Drone Shot with a Phone Tutorial by Chung Dha

In this video tutorial I am showing you a setup to get a really nice drone / jib / crane shot with your phone or iPhone, for filming at no fly zones events and locations, so you still can get those really nice high angle shots without breaking any rules. The only annoyance is people shouting: “that is a big selfie stick”.

This is not a promotional video as I have purchased all the items used in this video.

Watch How This Clever Vlogger Shoots “Drone Footage” Without A Drone

My favorite quote is “The only annoyance is people shouting: ‘that is a big selfie stick’.” Which it surely appears to be. If you’d like to watch more of Chung, then check out his YouTube channel.

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