Six Areas Drones Impact Us Today

//Six Areas Drones Impact Us Today

Six Areas Drones Impact Us Today

Whenever I feel like I’ve read one too many negative drone pieces, I dig around until I find a positive one. Something that I can highlight, to remind people of the positive benefits that drones have. Drones are a transformative technology and they are already making an impact today.

These are just a handful of the ways drones are already at work around the world:

  • Agriculture: Assessing crop health, monitoring irrigation systems, and tracking livestock
  • Emergency response: Spotting forest fires, conducting search and rescue missions, and delivering food and medical supplies to war zones and remote villages
  • Utilities: Inspecting wires, towers, power plants, and pipelines
  • Scientific research: Tracking animal migrations, reporting on weather patterns, and identifying archaeology
  • Real estate: Inspecting construction and improving security
  • Taking photos and videos from previously unreachable vantage points

A South African music festival has even successfully tested beer delivery by drone at one of its campsites.

Drones: Lots Of Buzz And A Little Bit Of Sting

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