Skydio Is Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Drones

///Skydio Is Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Drones

Skydio Is Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Drones

Entrepreneur Adam Bry believes something is missing from today’s drones. What’s missing? Real Artificial Intelligence. Adam recently showed video of a drone developed by his startup Skydio.

With high-quality drones now available for just a few hundred dollars, many consumers and businesses are taking to the skies. But many are plummeting to Earth, too—search Youtube for “drone crash” and you get more than three million results.

Entrepreneur Adam Bry argues that the drones on the market today are missing a key component needed to make them useful—the intelligence to fly autonomously. At MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco Tuesday, Bry showed new footage from a drone his startup, Skydio, will launch this year that is meant to solve that problem, which he says is holding back realization of drones’ benefits.

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