Soaring Consumer Drone Sales Should Lead To 83.3k Drones Sold/Week

//Soaring Consumer Drone Sales Should Lead To 83.3k Drones Sold/Week

Soaring Consumer Drone Sales Should Lead To 83.3k Drones Sold/Week

Trying to nail down how many drones have been sold in the US to date is a difficult task, but there are indicators of the market size all around us. While researching another article, one that discusses the upcoming estimate of 1 million drones to be sold this coming holiday season, I found an interesting Forbes article, titled “Drone Sales Soar Past $16 Million On eBay,” that references Ebay holiday drone sales.

What was once a novelty for hobbyists, drones are no longer exclusive to the do-it-yourself crowd. Ready to fly drones, like the ones already sold by Parrot and DJI, have brought the technology to the everyday consumer. On eBay, this has translated into $16.6 million worth of transactions of more than 127,000 drones since last March.

While drones on eBay vary from the toy quadcopter with racing stripes to the carbon fiber drone equipped with a camera, drones were the majority of sales among all flying RC vehicles between Thanksgiving and Christmas. During that period, an average of 7,600 drones were sold on eBay each week – more than five-times the rate six months ago.

Drone Sales Soar Past $16 Million On eBay

While 7,600 drones sold per week during the holiday season may seem like a lot, it’s really isn’t. Consider this, if the “holiday season” is October, November and (most of) December, we have roughly 12 weeks of “holiday season” shopping. If the recent FAA estimate is correct and 1 million drones are sold in this period, we will be averaging 83,333 drones sold per week. That’s is going to translate into a lot of new drone pilots.

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