The 3D Robotics Iris+

///The 3D Robotics Iris+

The 3D Robotics Iris+

The 3D Robotics or 3DR IRIS+ is a mid-priced quadcopter, priced at $599.99. This drone is available in two frequencies, 915 MHZ and 433 MHZ. It comes with a two-axis a gimbal for stabilization that keeps the camera “dead steady” and is GoPro compatible. The 3D IRISuses their “word famous autopilot” which gives the drone a level of autonomous flying, but it comes with a remote control too. Like most drones these days, it comes with a follow me feature too.

The 3DR IRIScan be flown three different ways, you can fly manually using the controller; you can draw a flight path for the 3DR IRISto follow, or you can use the 3DR IRIS+ follow me mode. Carrying the weight of a GoPro, the 3DR IRISis good for about 15 minutes of flight time. One of the cool things about the 3DR is the fact that they have flight control clients for multiple platforms, not just phone/tablets. Flight control clients are available for Mac, PC, Linux or Android.

3DR IRIS+ Introduction

3DR IRIS+ Assembly

3DR IRIS+ Gimbal Install

3DR IRIS+ 3PV™ Follow-Me Tutorial

3DR IRIS+ 3PV™ Follow-Me Demo

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