The Bionic Bird, A Drone Design That Emulates Nature

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The Bionic Bird, A Drone Design That Emulates Nature

I always like unique drone designs, we’ve covered a few non-traditional ones before, this time I’d like to highlight the Bionic Bird. This one is definitely in a category all of its own. While you may have seen the SmartBird seagull inspired design from Festo, this design is much more bird-like.

Throughout history man has dreamed of flying. Today, Bionic Bird offers the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sensory adventure: flying like a bird.

The Bionic Bird Timeline

By the end of 2015, Bionic Bird will adopt a third channel for remote tail control, allowing for more stunts and super slow flights! Non-motor technology will be used, based on bio-metal alloy muscles.

In Spring 2016, Bionic Bird will be capable of stable, stationary flight. Its dimensions will increase in order to optimize the weight-power ratio, allow a higher payload and more natural inertia. New features will include sensor plate control and on-board computer servo-control for automated stabilization.

By winter 2016, Bionic Bird will integrate an HD video camera with live feed to your smartphone, mechanical and hydraulic camera stabilization and WiFi protocol for broadband transfer.

Intuitive gesture control using a connected wristband allows you to control the bird with your bare hands, harmonizing the link between your thoughts and the Bionic Bird’s flight path.

Bionic Bird: the Furtive Drone.

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