The DRL Is Back and Features Some Exciting Improvements

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The DRL Is Back and Features Some Exciting Improvements

Would you fly your drone at high speeds, racing against competitors for cash and prizes? As exciting as that sounds, I prefer to watch the action in this case and that’s why I was excited to learn that the Drone Racing League (DRL) will be back and features a number of improvements including an improved design capable of 0 to 80 mph in under a second and a new crash absorbing, flexible polycarbonate frame.

The league, which airs on big networks like ESPN and Sky, says it reached an audience of more than 30 million viewers during its inaugural season last year, and is set to broadcast its second season this June. To amp up the excitement, the company has created a new drone that is faster, more agile, and much harder to break.

The Racer3 was designed around a beast of a battery. Its five-cell, 1,800-milliamp power source was custom built and provides voltage for an 85 mph top speed and acceleration of 0 to 80 miles per hour in under a second. Last season, the drone’s internals were exposed, making them very susceptible to damage during a crash. This season, the DRL 3 has a flexible polycarbonate frame that helps it absorb impact and continue flying.

Drone Racing League returns to ESPN with faster, more crashable aircraft

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