The EHang 184, a Medium-Short Distance Transportation Solution

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The EHang 184, a Medium-Short Distance Transportation Solution

Back in October of 2015, I an article titled an “Extra Large Quadcopter Capable Of Autonomous Human Transport,” I covered a prototype quadcopter built by Thorstin Crijns, a Dutch firmware engineer. While Thorstin built an impressive machine, at the end of the day just a prototype and compared to today’s technology, it seems almost toylike.

The EHang 184 is a perfect example of just how far we’ve come using drone technology f0r human transportation. Developed by, you guessed it, EHang, manufacturers of the Ghost Drone 2.0, a popular consumer drone, and the EHang Falcon B Series drone platform, the EHang 184 is designed to transport a single passenger over short distances.

From a utility standpoint, the EHang 184’s specs are impressive.

EHang 184 has enough room for a small suitcase and will be controlled through 4G mobile Internet. It is able to carry a single passenger who weighs less than 220 pounds over short distances at 62 miles per hour with a fully-charged battery.

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“Driving” an EHang is simple too.

The drone takes off from and lands at predetermined points and uses a camera to ensure a safe landing, according to EHang’s website. If the drone malfunctions or disconnects from 4G mobile service, it promises to land immediately at the nearest safe location, the company says.

A drone carrying humans prepares to take flight in Dubai

So is this real or just vaporware? It’s real! It was recently demoed at this year’s CES; the EHang 184 is already being manufactured in Chine and has successfully flown in Dubai.

It’s safe to say that at this point, EHang has come a long way from their original Ghost Drone IndieGoGo roots.

EHang LogoAbout EHang

As the world’s leading tech company of intelligent aerial vehicles, EHang is headquartered in Guangzhou with branches in California, Düsseldorf, Beijing and Shanghai.

With about 300 employees led by a senior management team from 21Vianet Group, Microsoft, Lenovo and Foxconn, EHang has become a frontrunner in the fiercely competitive drone industry and is rapidly occupying the consumer market.

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