The Future Of Drone Racing

///The Future Of Drone Racing

The Future Of Drone Racing

At Drone Universities, we saw the potential that drone racing had early on. That’s why we sponsored the Drone Nationals and it’s also why we created our Drone FPV (First-person View) course. According to a recent Forbes magazine article , our early suspicions were dead on.

There are a few ways to pique my interest in this cynical and ‘seen-it-all’ world we live in.  One of these ways is to receive more than 30 million hits on your first two events doing something.  The videos in question were an introductory video for drone racing and limited footage from two races.  If you aren’t sure what drone racing is imagine an empty stadium, shopping mall or large space with a series of rings in it that flying drones are piloted through at staggering speed.  There are crashes, collisions and some serious adrenalin involved.  Drone racing now has a league, imaginatively titled ‘Drone Racing League’ or DRL – and has more than $8m in investor funding from some impressive names including RSE Ventures, CAA Ventures, Hearst Ventures, Strauss Zelnick (CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software), Allen Debevoise (founder of Machinima), Grant Gittlin (CXO of Medialink), Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Lux Capital, Courtside Ventures, and Gary Vaynerchuk with Vayner/RSE.

Is Drone Racing The New Superbowl For Brands?

Will drone racing become the next big thing? Was ESPN right when it described the nascent “sport” as “Twitch meets Formula One?” According to Paul Armstrong of Forbes, “Experience + Intensity + Collisions + Live = Millennial Money.” If you buy into his logic, then it becomes not a question of if drone racing will become as big as the Superbowl, but a rather a question of when.

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