The I.F.O.: Using Drone Technology for Manned Flights

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The I.F.O.: Using Drone Technology for Manned Flights

I.F.O Human Transport from Jet CapsuleWould you be willing to fly in an aircraft powered by drone technology? If you answered “yes,” you aren’t alone. We’ve covered a few examples of human transportation systems that use drone technology including this prototype and this production level system.

Now, I’d like to introduce a new entry into the space, the I.F.O or “Identified Flying Object.” The I.F.O. is sure to make a big impression thanks to it’s unique look and impressive specifications. Designed for two passengers, the I.F.O. should be capable of reaching an impressive top speed of 120 mph; that’s nearly twice as fast as the EHang 184 which maxes out at just 62 mph. It should also be able to fly for between 60-70 minutes. Why “should?” The I.F.O., a product of Jet Capsule, is still in the design stage.

This bizarre new drone looks like it’s dropped to Earth from outer space – but it’s actually been made especially for humans.

Dubbed the I.F.O or ‘identified flying object’, the drone is a two seater vehicle that could be about to change flight as we know it.

Inside the small capsule, two people can be seated comfortably as the device rockets through the air, reaching speeds of 120mph.

Would YOU ride this space age copter? Bizarre new drone seats two people and travels at 120mph

This looks like an aircraft that I’d be comfortable flying in, what about you?

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