The Korean Government is Betting Big on UAVs

///The Korean Government is Betting Big on UAVs

The Korean Government is Betting Big on UAVs

The Korean government has plans to establish a new committee for the development of UAVs. This committee will get support from all levels of government and is responsible for creating the five year UAV development plan that will drive the Korean efforts. Currently, Korea lags behind competitors such as China and other advanced countries. With this new effort in full swing, the Korean government targets having 650 companies by 2025.

The UAV market has reached $25.1 billion and has been growing 20% per year, leading many experts to expect that it will reach $153.7 billion by 2025. The government plans to join hands with compact drone companies to have the technological competitiveness in the next two to three years to beat companies in the US and Europe as the government helps to create early market using its public service and demand.

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