The Longest Endurance Quadcopter. Ever.

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The Longest Endurance Quadcopter. Ever.

Flight time is a limiting factor in many drone applications. A major factor. Another member of the Qualcomm/Techstars robotics accelerator, Skyfront has been hard at work developing the Skyfront Tailwind. The Tailwind uses patent pending hybrid-electric technology to provide an amazing 4 hours of flight time. You could literally survey 1,000+ acres in a single flight!

The Skyfront Tailwind is powered by our patent pending hybrid-electric technology, which generates electricity from gasoline in flight, allowing you to fly for 4 hours and travel 160 miles. The extended endurance of the Tailwind gives you the ability to perform any mission, in any condition.

Introducing the Skyfront Tailwind

What sort of applications will benefit from the increased flight time? The list is long, but here are just a few:

  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Search and Rescue
  • Security
Skyfront Logo

Skyfront Logo


SkyFront posits that keeping drones in the air can be solved through a hybrid-electric propulsion system. With agriculture, infrastructure inspection, and first response industries in mind, the company’s technology will enable drones to fly for four hours. Drones can then survey thousands of acres without recharging, thoroughly search areas that are inaccessible by traditional helicopters, and autonomously monitor infrastructures.

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