The New York Times Reviews the DJI Spark

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The New York Times Reviews the DJI Spark

Below you’ll find another review of the DJI Spark; this time from the New York Times. In my humble opinion, the DJI Spark is a great starter drone. It’s relatively low-cost and quite capable. Thanks to the unique combination of size and feature set, the Spark is perfect for capturing your next selfie too.

I tested Spark over several days this week and found it surprisingly capable for a low-cost drone. Unlike most expensive drones, which operate with a physical remote control, this machine was designed to work primarily with a smartphone app; you can also make hand gestures to move Spark or make it take your selfie. It shoots superb high-definition video, weighs about a quarter of a pound and is so compact you could stuff it in a tote bag.

I was able to confidently fly Spark, the first drone I have ever used, after several sessions, a testament to its overall ease of use.

The $499 price tag is misleading when you add the extra accessories you are likely to need. After buying the propeller guards ($19), you probably also need at least one extra battery ($49) and the battery charging station ($69). In the end, you’ll probably spend roughly $640 just to make flight sessions last half an hour, given the device’s 15-minute battery life.

For $499, a Drone for Beginners: DJI’s Spark

I’d like to emphasize one point, pricing; While $499 is a very appealing price point, as Brian Chen pointed out in his NY Times article, you will quickly be spending more money adding necessary accessories.

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