The Sport Of The Future Is FPV Drone Racing

///The Sport Of The Future Is FPV Drone Racing

The Sport Of The Future Is FPV Drone Racing

James Vincent of the Verge wrote an interesting article about FPV or first person view drone racing. While not traditionally what you’d call a sport, drone racing leagues are popping up everywhere. Pilots be wary, don’t overestimate your piloting skills because your drone could crash. If you want to learn new piloting skills, check our drone university.

As drones become an increasingly mainstream phenomenon, racing leagues have popped up around the world. Anyone who takes it seriously — pilot or spectator — doesn’t watch their craft from a distance, but instead uses mounted cameras and special video goggles to see the world from their drone’s perspective, also known as first-person racing or FPV.

Winning lap from the UK FPV League Forest Time Trial Course – 24/May/2015

Racing drones through a forest is the sport of the future

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  1. Matt Elyash June 11, 2015 at 7:00 am

    First Annual Drone Nationals will be held on July 15-17 2015 at the California State Fair. That’s right THE STATE FAIR. What a wonderful opportunity to show off the positive side of the hobby and build community support and to educate the public on positive uses and the fun of Drone ownership.

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