The Trend of Drone Related Violence

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The Trend of Drone Related Violence

When I read this article yesterday I was shocked. While I can understand concerns about privacy, I can’t understand drone related violence. This includes everything from smacking a hovering drone to the ground to shooting a drone out the sky as it flies by. My concern is that this trend will only continue as drones become even more popular.

A California man apparently fed up with seeing drones fly around his street could face charges after taking matters into his own hands and being caught on video using a shirt to swat a $1,300 unmanned aerial vehicle to the ground.

The vehicle was only a few feet off the pavement in Huntington Beach on Wednesday when a shirtless man walked over and warned the drone operators not to fly the machine near his home, KNBC-TV reported.

In the video, the shirtless man is heard saying, “If you put that over my house I’m going to be pissed off. You understand me?”

The man then approaches the drone carrying a shirt as one of the operators calls out to him, “Hey, don’t touch that! What the hell?”

But the man didn’t listen. Moments later, the man swatted the expensive drone to the pavement with the shirt.

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  1. Matt Elyash June 11, 2015 at 6:44 am

    Sam, your right that irrational fear seems to surround our hobby and fledgling industry. It’s art ignorance, part media fervor and sometimes yes part of the blame falls at the operators feet. We all need to remember that whether we are running RC cars, boats or Drones we have to be good neighbors. While this individual is not going to listen to anything you say and would probably be just as angry if he did not like the breed of dog your walking.

    If your neighbor freaks out every time you fly at home, take it to the park, or better yet a local flying field. Sometimes just sitting down and talking with them about the hobby and coming to an understanding is all you need to do. While there is no excusing this lout’s behavior flying in the middle of the street, near other peoples parked cars is not exactly complying with AMA’s suggested safety rules.

    Lets all remember that if we do this right, in a few years nobody will take a second look at you when your flying these things, but if we do it wrong, we will suffer with the stigma and negative publicity from a few fools for decades.

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