Things To Avoid: Knocking Yourself Out With Your Own Drone

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Things To Avoid: Knocking Yourself Out With Your Own Drone

International Business Times recently reported about a drone pilot who “accidentally knocks himself out with his own quadcopter.” Not only did he knock himself out, YouTube user doctorsnaketown, uploaded the video captured from the FPV (First-person View) camera the drone was equipped with for all to see. Luckily for doctorsnaketown, he was flying a ZMR250 racing drone which weighs in at about 1.2 lbs. 1.2 lbs is still a decent amount of weight, but I’m sure you can imagine the harm he might have caused if he was flying something larger, like a DJI Phantom 3 for example, which weighs in at about 2.8 lbs.

If you have any concerns for doctorsnaketown’s health, worry not, doctorsnaketown wrote: “A little slapstick lap where I boomerang max speed into my own noggin! Luckily, I did not hurt myself, other than a bump on the head. Be safer than me! I am going to revamp my pilot seating zone once my head feels better ;)”

While doctorsnaketown escaped without major injury, I think events like this highlight the need for proper drone pilot education. It’s that need that created our drone university. If you’d like to learn more, I recommend our course information page.

ZMR250 racing copter – worst possible crash

A man has captured the moment he managed to accidentally knock himself out with his own quadcopter drone.

YouTube user doctorsnaketown uploaded hilarious footage of himself flying a ZMR250 mini racing quadcopter drone around his garden on a bright sunny day and somehow managing to crash it – into himself.

The ZMR250 is a racing sport drone for hobbyists that can be bought online as a DIY assembly kit, and it comes with a camera and a video transmitter promising “zero delay” in transmitting a live feed of the drone’s camera to the drone operator.

Drone pilot accidentally knocks himself out with his own quadcopter

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