Tyngsborough MA UAV Operators Work With Town On Drone Park

//Tyngsborough MA UAV Operators Work With Town On Drone Park

Tyngsborough MA UAV Operators Work With Town On Drone Park

In Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, small town government is working with a local hobbyist group to identify and designate a piece of land for recreational drone use.

With so much negative media attention polluting the otherwise clear skies of the commercial drone revolution (and much of it overblown), a New Hampshire town may provide a unique solution to diffuse the tension building between ground-pounders and UAV fans – a quiet, safe place to fly.

The Tyngsboro Conservation Commission is working with a hobbyist group to offer up a conservation tract designated for drone flying.

According to the Lowell Sun, the commission is working with the River Bend RC Flyers to locate a parcel just months after the group thought they had sealed a deal on an eight-acre tract, despite strong neighborhood opposition.

NH Town Debates Designated Drone Field

This has been a lengthy process, already taking over a year and a half but there is still a lot of local optimism combined with the realization that drones are here to stay.

At the end of the meeting, Martin said the commission would reach out to Pappas and the River Bend Flyers when there is a list of properties to discuss.

Outside the meeting, Reault added that it is also possible the town may designate multiple parcels of land for recreational flying spots, and not just one piece of land.

Both Pappas and Reault said their hope is that the River Bend Flyers can help educate local hobbyists about important rules and help the town in preventing any drone-related accidents.

“This is not going away. This is growing,” Pappas said after the meeting. “Having a designated place in towns and cities will be a good thing.”

Tyngsboro drones still not set to take flight

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Pumpkin Purgatory, SullivanGardner September 26, 2010

Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro, MA

About Tyngsborough, Massachusetts

Tyngsborough (also spelled Tyngsboro) is a town in northern Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. Tyngsborough is 28 miles (45 km) from Boston along the Route 3 corridor, and located on the New Hampshire state line. At the 2010 census, the town population was 11,292.

Tyngsborough was settled in 1661, as part of the massive Dunstable Township. The town of Dunstable, incorporated in 1673, was named after the hometown of pioneer Edward Tyng. However, a relative of his, and the source of the town of Tyngsborough’s name, was Colonel Jonathan Tyng, whose home, the Tyng Mansion House, was one of the oldest north of Boston. He settled near the Merrimack in what is now Tyngsborough in 1675. The house stood until the 1970s, when it was destroyed by arson. Early on Tyngsborough residents fought a series of small and bloody skirmishes with local Native American tribes. Evidence of this can be found in several old colonial homes in town that still have emergency passages that were used during these attacks. In 1789, Tyngsborough’s parish split from the rest of Dunstable, making Tyngsborough a recognized district. On February 23, 1809, Tyngsborough became a town.

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