UAS for Natural and Cultural Resources

///UAS for Natural and Cultural Resources

UAS for Natural and Cultural Resources

The National Park Service drew participants from Alaska to Florida in a webinar on UAS for natural and cultural resource science and stewardship, May 17 and 18, 2017, in Fort Collins, CO.  A lavish flyer tells all.

The diverse presentations and the NPS UAS program growth are sharp contrasts to the otherwise austere, ‘no-fly’ policy in National Parks.  Close parallels within the U.S Department of Interior, particularly with USGS’s UAS program (since 2008), are also apparent.

Even more impressive is the depth and rigor of the NPS Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) concerning UAS.  One might think that inadvertent capture of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as people, vehicles, or residences in the ‘normal’ course of UAS science missions would be quickly passed off.  Not so.  See this link

Section after section, the authors take the hot seat and address the why’s and wherefore’s of operating UAS with safety, accuracy, and efficiency in the pursuit of public service. Bravo NPS!

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About the Author:

Paul Veisze
Paul Veisze, Geographic Information Officer (GIO), California State Parks, is an accomplished teacher, licensed commercial/instrument pilot and registered professional forester. In 1996, Mr. Veisze was nominated for the Sustained Superior Performance award.