Universities Rushing To Develop Drone Programs

///Universities Rushing To Develop Drone Programs

Universities Rushing To Develop Drone Programs

Today, many community colleges and 4 year universities are rushing to develop drone based curriculum. It’s become a key concern for today’s educational institutions.

Drones on campus is a key issue facing universities and educational institutions today. As small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) increasingly make their appearance on campuses across the U.S., colleges and universities are struggling to develop reasonable drone use policies, which are responsive both to the growing market and benefits afforded by this technology, as well as to the wide array of safety and privacy concerns that it raises.

Drone U: Drone Use on Campus and Developing an Effective Drone Policy

Integrating drones and creating new drone curriculum is difficult not only because of regulations, safety and privacy concerns, it’s also difficult because many academic institutions lack the domain expertise to offer the specialized education that commercial drone operators need. It’s this very lack of domain expertise that led to the formation of Drone UniversitiesDrone Universities was co-founded by real working industry experts that realized their combined domain expertise could be leveraged to create the most effective drone training program available.

At Drone Universities we understand what you need to become a legal, commercial drone operator, regardless of your of your drone specialty. We provide our students with free hardware, a brand new DJI Phantom, and upon completion of three of our courses, we also provide our students with free Section 333 Exemption services. Enroll in drone college, and let us fast track you into the high paying, drone career of your dreams.



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