Video: Drone Carries Man in a Flying Hammock?

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Video: Drone Carries Man in a Flying Hammock?

I’m going to file this video of a person being carried by drone under “unlikely at best.” Yes, even though the original YouTube video claims it’s real, I doubt it, but hey, I could be wrong.

If it is real, since the video clearly shows some “close calls,” the pilot should enroll in our introductory drone course to learn how to safely operate his or her drone

FLYING HAMMOCK! Man flying in hammock with a DRONE! Must see!

A video shared around the internet this week shows what looks to a person being carried around—in the air—by a large drone. Is it real? Probably not. But woah, is it entertaining to watch.

According to the YouTube video’s description, the clip was recorded in Khashuri, Georgia. The one-minute video shows some sort of hammock being held up by a string attached to the drone. While the person is being strung through the air, you can see the hammock have some near-misses with what appear to be power lines.

Is This Video of a Drone Carrying a Person in a Hammock Fake?

What do you think? Do you think this video is real of fake? Let us know in the comments below.


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