What Exactly Is A UHV (Unmanned Hybrid Vehicle)?

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What Exactly Is A UHV (Unmanned Hybrid Vehicle)?

A staff writer at Aerospace Daily & Defense Report recently covered a proof-of-concept UHV or unmanned hybrid vehicle. You may be asking what exactly is a UHV? A UHW or Unmanned Hybrid Vehicle is an unmanned craft that can fly, land on water (or theoretically traverse above water) and travel submerged under water as well. This very flexible design lends it self to a number of military and first responder applications, but hey, if there was a consumer version, I’d line-up to buy one.

Singapore Technology Aerospace (ST Aero) has built a proof-of-concept unmanned hybrid vehicle (UHV) that can be launched from a ship to fly to an area of interest, land on water and submerge to perform missions such as mine detection. Tests are planned this year. Weighing 25 kg (55 lb.) and with a 2-meter (6.5-ft.) span, the electric-powered flying-wing UHV has a folding four-blade propeller for use in flight and two small propellers for underwater propulsion. Singapore To Fly Submersible UAV

Singapore Technology Aerospace (ST Aero) Logo

Singapore Technology Aerospace (ST Aero) Logo

About Singapore Technology Aerospace (ST Aero)

Singapore Technology Aerospace, is a leading brand name in the international aircraft MRO industry, ST Aerospace is an integrated service provider that offers a wide spectrum of maintenance and engineering services through its five capability clusters

  • Aircraft Maintenance & Modification (AMM)
  • Component Total Support (CTS)
  • Engine Total Support (ETS)
  • Aviation & Training Services (ATS)
  • Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing (AEM)

Operating a global network with facilities and affiliates in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, ST Aerospace’s customer base includes the world’s leading airlines, airfreight and military operators. Its comprehensive suite of capabilities includes airframe, component and engine MRO; engineering design and technical services; and aviation materials and asset management services, including Total Aviation Support. ST Aerospace offers customers a high quality, timely and reliable maintenance program which can be fully customized.

ST Aerospace’s quality standards are regularly audited and recognized by international airworthiness authorities, including the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

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