What You Should NOT Do With Your DJI Mavic Pro

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What You Should NOT Do With Your DJI Mavic Pro

Alcohol and drones don’t mix. It’s just not a safe combination. That being said, a quick search on YouTube will show that not everyone has the common sense to recognize this. The article “Don’t drone drunk” walks you through what could happen if you decide to over-consumer and then take your drone out for a flight;

If you’ve ever flown a modern-day drone then it’s easy to understand his confidence. The jump in intelligence from those Christmas-morning quadcopters to what DJI now produces is staggering in its progress. The way the diminutive Mavic Pro hovers in the air, glued to a spot in three dimensions as if tethered by invisible guylines is stupefying to a novice. The Mavic Pro’s impressively long list of autonomous skills are enough to give anyone an infallible sense of security.

The day went by without incident. Clouseau heeded my request to fly high and far, and as a result, my neighbors this time greeted us with curiosity instead of annoyance. By sunset we were alone: me, Clouseau, his Mavic Pro, and a dozen or so empty soldiers of tonic.

Ten minutes later the $999 drone would die in the sea, still three miles from shore.

Don’t drone drunk

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