Which Countries Are The Most Drone Friendly?

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Which Countries Are The Most Drone Friendly?

Drones are a global trend, they have applications everywhere, from the United States to Africa. In the coming decade, the AUVSI estimates that the drone industry will become a $82bn market in the US alone and it appears some countries are paying more attention to this than others. By reducing restrictions and providing clear rules and regulations, some countries are actively encouraging drone innovation on their soil. Which countries are leading the way?

Peter Lee of Taylor Vinters says: ‘Sweden, Japan, France and the UK are leading the way when it comes to integrating drone technologies into their airspace.’ New Zealand, whose new drone regime starts on 1 August, is also regarded as a leader. Its rules take a rather different approach to those introduced elsewhere, as it makes no distinction between drones used for commercial and non-commercial reasons

Top group of countries pull ahead on world drone rules

Where do we fit in? According to BusinessDayLive, “If the U.S. does not get its legislation in place quickly, the industry could lose $10 billion,” and thats a frightening thought. Especially when you consider that the United States is the biggest drone consumer in the world.

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