Your Mind May Be Your Next Generation Drone Interface

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Your Mind May Be Your Next Generation Drone Interface

Dr. S N Omkar

Dr. S N Omkar

When you imagine piloting your drone in the future, what sort of interface do you picture? Are you still limited to a remote control similar to the ones commonly used to control today’s consumer drones? Maybe, you believe we’ve moved to a tablet or touchscreen. Another possibility could be a completely new remote control design.

If you asked Dr. Omkar, chief research scientist at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc and a yoga instructor, what his interface would be, I’m confident he would answer something along the lines of “your mind.” Why am I so confident? Dr. Omkar is already building this next generation interface and has working, albeit with limited functionality, prototypes.

is no stranger to the mysteries of the human mind. Being a yoga teacher and also the chief research scientist of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc, requires that he unravel mysteries, if there are any.

Sitting in the department, Dr Omkar sports a black head-mounted device to demonstrate to Bangalore Mirror the latest offering from his team and him in this direction — a drone. Look at the drone – a quadcopter to be precise– as it takes off and floats in the air and it is just like any other.

But a look at Omkar, under whose command the drone is moving up, down, left and right, tells you what is so mind-boggling about this drone. There is no joystick in his hand. It is just the head-mounted device and a laptop that is manoeuvring

[sic] the drone. There are no gestures or commands, but the drone dances to his tunes.

It is the country’s first mind-controlled drone, developed by the IISc’s Department of Aerospace Engineering.

IISc Scientist Builds Mind-Controlled Quadcopters

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