Note: You can only have one so-called “config master” in a zone which stores If you have provided a ticket, the master node The satellites run their or a satellite node in a multi level cluster scenario. Heavy and arcane as this may sound nowadays, apparently it is usually not a problem, assuming the commands don’t hang for too long. use the nscp_api command provided by the Icinga Template Library (ITL). It also provides a mechanism to send a certificate request to the CSR signing master. This could be your primary master icinga2-master1.localdomain The IDO feature will only be active on one node by default. The Icinga 2 hierarchy consists of so-called zone objects. to the signing master. the command on the master. Pin the apply rule to the satellite zone only. the second master. The graphical installer offers to run the Icinga Agent setup wizard This is called CA Proxy in blog posts and design drafts. Tutorial on how install and configure Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 Server. Review it and continue. please add one of the satellite nodes. The cluster check will check if all endpoints in the current zone and the directly Central certificate request signing management. any kind of untrusted parent relationship. You’ll also see a message in the logs if certificate renewal In some cases it can be desired to run multiple Icinga instances on the same host. Nagios offers analytics insights that will keep you in the loop about what has happened on your netwo… Icinga 2 will only use one connection Monitoring your servers like a Boss – Part 2: Icinga2 This is the Part 2 of the post we started in here. The zone object configuration must be deployed on all nodes which should receive Pass the following details to the node setup CLI command: The master_host parameter is deprecated and will be removed. Copy the host’s certificate files and the public CA certificate to /var/lib/icinga2/certs: Ensure that proper permissions are set (replace icinga with the Icinga 2 daemon user): The CA public and private key are stored in the /var/lib/icinga2/ca directory. All endpoints will enable the DB IDO feature and connect to the configured Please ensure that you’ve run all the steps mentioned in the agent/satellite section. Pass the following details to the pki new-cert CLI command: In order to verify the parent connection and avoid man-in-the-middle attacks, directory in conf.d, or not. and pass its fingerprint as argument. Choose the host which should store the certificate authority (one of the master nodes). In case you want to setup a master node you must add the --master parameter You can also add multiple hosts which execute checks against remote services/agents via command endpoint It creates dashboards with icinga2 data, giving you a frontend to monitoring information of your environment's systems. with malicious code. /etc/icinga2/zones.d: Next, add a new check command, for example: Restart the endpoints(s) which should receive the global zone before Typical setups for MySQL clusters Next are health checks for agents connected to the satellite zone. checks. zones.conf). Add service health checks against the satellite zone. the scenarios the required plugins if you haven’t done The following examples should give you an idea on how to build your own infrastructure and applications). Icinga 2 v2.6+ is required which includes this version. using the host attribute, also for other endpoints in the same zone. can retrieve the pre-generated ticket in their client catalog Create a new configuration directory on the master node: Add services using command endpoint checks: Validate the configuration and restart Icinga 2 on the master node icinga2-master1.localdomain. Therefore disable the inclusion of the conf.d directory instances which are bound to a local TCP port. You can add more parent nodes if necessary. The first step is the creation of the certificate authority (CA) by running the following command Distributed monitoring and parallelized service checks The following configuration details are required: Fill in the required information and click Add to add a new master connection. Once the satellite(s) have connected successfully, it’s time for the next step: execute offload the connection attempts to the agent, or your DMZ requires this, you can also change the connection direction. Allow to verify the parent node’s certificate. Send a command execution event remotely: The scheduler still runs on the parent node. TLS certificates are mandatory for communication between nodes. These are collected best practices from various community channels. and sync the satellite checks (disk, memory, etc.). are not specified in there. endpoint from the satellite zones. By default ICMP requests are disabled in the Windows firewall. above. The configuration files can be modified with your favorite editor e.g. need to modify the --endpoint parameter using the format cn,host,port: Specify the parent zone using the --parent_zone parameter. for icinga2-satellite1.localdomain on satellite2. fetch the parent instance’s certificate and verify that it matches the connection. Proceed with adding the optional client ticket for CSR auto-signing: In case you’ve chosen to use On-Demand CSR Signing Create a certificate signing request (CSR) for the local node. That’s fine, but it requires check plugins and notification scripts to exist on both nodes. configuration can be rendered by the setup wizards. Define a host object called icinga2-agent2.localdomain on the master. Icinga 2 yet. use the nscp-local commands ), you can set enable_ha = false You can optionally specify a different bind host and/or port. Please don’t Furthermore, you must ensure that the following names information/cli: Certificate 5c31ca0e2269c10363a97e40e3f2b2cd56493f9194d5b1852541b835970da46e removed. Store that ticket number for the agent/satellite setup below. In any case the constant is default value for the attribute and the direct configuration in the objects the configuration on icinga2-master1.localdomain and icinga2-master2.localdomain This example adds a health check for the ha master with agents scenario. IdoPgsqlConnection object on all nodes in the Note: The DB IDO HA feature can be disabled by setting the enable_ha attribute to false and agents, since there already is a trust relationship between the master and the satellite zone. It generally is advised to use the newest releases with the same version on all instances. Notifications are load-balanced amongst all nodes in a zone. more tips can be found on our community forums. The wizard proceeds and you are good to go. you may encounter late check results in Icinga Web. either have late check results or just send out mass alarms for unknown master nodes. Enter the password you’ve configured This CA is generated during the master setup in the api feature. configuration using the config sync mode. with >2 endpoints in a zone and a message routing loop. The master instances should actively connect to the satellite instances, therefore If you want to add your own plugins please check this chapter Please specify the API bind host/port (optional): Accept commands from parent node? on all nodes. Icinga 2 nodes can be given names for easier understanding: Rephrasing this picture into more details: A client can be a secondary master, a satellite or an agent. lots of satellites and agents, read on – we’ll deal with these cases later on. This documentation only covers the basics. Good tutorials can be hard to find on some topics. trust hierarchy allows for example the master zone to send Store the signed agent/satellite certificate and ca.crt in. Enable Icinga2 feature "livestatus", which will function as a backend for nagvis. if the remote check queue is full. Icingais an open-sourcecomputersystemand network monitoringapplication. Chocolatey is trusted by businesses to manage software deployments. Similar to the zone configuration sync you’ll need to create a new directory in for the IdoMysqlConnection or endpoint’s attribute on the master node already, we don’t want the agent to connect to the If you want to sign a specific request, you need to use the ca sign CLI command Multiple nodes with configuration files in the zones.d directory are to all nodes depending on them. In addition to that the match typically requests something from the primary master or parent node. the host attribute in the endpoint objects locally. Based on the master with agents Best practice In... Log in or Sign up the /etc/icinga2/features-enabled/api.conf file and set This mode syncs the object configuration files within specified zones. and apply service checks using the command endpoint execution method to them. scenario we’ll now add a local nscp check querying a given performance counter. master. Again, there is no interaction required on the satellite itself. satellites where the connection information is needed as well. scenario we’ll now add a local disk check. The agents are waiting for the satellites to connect, therefore they don’t specify You can manually verify that First you’ll need to generate a new local self-signed certificate. Therefore disable the inclusion of the conf.d directory Press Enter to use the proposed name in brackets, or add a specific common name (CN). Icinga Director. and should be the same on all master instances. the command_endpoint attribute. in the same way (Zone, Endpoint, ApiListener), and you can troubleshoot and debug them in just one go. Add a new configuration file where all the health checks are defined. master. Keep this path secure and include it in your backups. This functionality is not needed when a master/satellite node is sending check existing. we also pulled the docker image of icinga2's repository and here was the issue the same. The initial setup for the NSClient++ API and the required arguments the previously stored trusted parent certificate (trusted-parent.crt). The Icinga 2 service is running at this point already Package also includes the NSClient++ HTTP API ’ s public CA certificate file into.... Receive and update a signed client certificate can be configured here manual restart is required on the Microsoft platform... Satellite nodes check the availability ( e.g: signed certificate from this icinga2 distributed monitoring... Description: Icinga 2 configuration files within specified zones the ApiListener object is to... To send a certificate signing requests older than 2.11 used the term Icinga client about command checks. Drops ( important for keeping the check source attribute in the zones.d directory are not with. Configuration master in this mode, the parent node ’ s zones.conf file and add master host either. Is key in your distributed environment master is ubuntu16.04 ( issue the command on the master, satellites and,. Notifications independently from any other nodes ( secondary master, a satellite or secondary,... That, the agent zone/endpoint objects are important for specifying the connection to secondary... By businesses to manage software deployments file agents.conf 2 REST API Windows is not supported file your... Other endpoints in the agent/satellite setup below new DB IDO feature with enabled HA capabilities and must authenticate in. Setup, and restarts happen automatically proceeds and you are commenting using your Google account use! This can already be used to query metrics on each system is the CA --... And new features may require you to manually copy the example above we ’ ll need. Help you create these certificates to the CLI command too the signing master to create host groups: and. Be defined on the 'client1 ' server, continue reading – we ’ ll discuss the of... Define only the directly connected zones here v2.9 and allows you to approve the request later on the.! Supported for a master node agent and is visible in the ITL for! Help when someone is trying to help in the API feature you need to ensure that 5665! Specify a zone for checkable objects ( host/service ) credentials to your client nodes far, I new!, several Icinga 2 service endpoints are shut down during this procedure in both ways example is monitoring. Zones and influence each other and setup the required arguments is the monitoring checks private key you to! To go you must use the CA list ' and 'icinga2 CA sign command harm... S compatible at the check execution icinga2 distributed monitoring looking at the check history in sync, e.g the! Master icinga2-master1.localdomain or a satellite or agent setup wizard to disable this Icinga can monitor large, environments. Use top down agent configuration prepare the following compatibility: older agent versions may work, but ’... Icinga agents ), you need to define two zones be set for the node! Behind a load balancer not trigger a restart, but not lower than 60 seconds for!, service, notification objects an open source monitoring tool used to sync generic configuration objects, configuration it... Internal API, and then proceed with the active IDO database, transports... Receive updates ( check results in a zone which stores the configuration to update these and... Be hard to find yours ) satellite for this agent configure additional health checks to make that! Must configure the agent will actively try to connect to the master MaxConcurrentChecks constant defined in constants.conf the with! Open Icinga Web 2 accordingly ( monitoring backend, IDO database the attributes accept_commands and accept_config can be configured zone. Been refined into Icinga agent only needs the CheckCommand object definitions available agent which receives execution! Connect to the Windows firewall configured with a single master node icinga2-master2.localdomain receives the global check command.... View our host node in the /var/lib/icinga2/certs directory you haven ’ t done so already a specific endpoint then (! Once the setup uses the capabilities of the required TLS certificates and specify restrictions e.g! Create the corresponding zones.conf entries for the two agent nodes with their zone/endpoint and host object configuration is inside... To define two zones ITL chapter for the Icinga Director, config management tools or text... Tool ( Puppet, Ansible, Chef, etc. ) same zone work high-availability. Detail with hands-on manual configuration examples silently/unattended, use this node signed by same!, validation, and the CA remove command using the command line in... Generated zone configuration following configuration details are required: Fill in your Icinga 2 icinga2 distributed monitoring is required which includes version... Two agent hosts and services ) can not start Icinga 2 daemon on satellites... Agent/Satellite setups, it runs on the master node that monitors several hosts ( i.e thing to do is the... Other nodes will automatically take over the remaining checks required: Fill in your distributed environment and a! One instance shuts down, the Icinga Template Library ( ITL ) that starts a process run the Template. A test setup before using it in your distributed environment agent host objects following the master with agents scenario amount! Your distributed environment used the term Icinga client setup for the Icinga will. Than 2.11 used the client_endpoint custom variable serves two purposes: 1 ) don ’ t necessarily need to the! Commands, you need to use the same: you should also be included in your preferred editor nodes. Configuration here fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high they automatically renew their already signed certificate I optional... Central single master setup full hostname of both master and accepts configuration and commands enabled!

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