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Drone GIS/Mapping:

UAV TechTalk at Invo, Juhan Sonin July 18, 2014Drone GIS/Mapping (Cost: $1,000) – This one-day, three unit course teaches you all about GIS. You will learn everything you need to successfully collect usable data on your flights. We’ll guide you through planning and flying successful operations, programing flight patterns, achieve correct altitude and utilizing specific camera settings. We’ll teach you what to do with data once collected and how to turn it into an Orthomosaic, DSM or DEM while becoming knowledgeable and confident in offering your specialized services.

This is the perfect course for students interested in drone based precision agriculture.

When combined with our Introduction to Drones course, graduates will receive a GIS/Mapping Drone Operator Certificate. All students who complete this course, may retake this course free of charge for 2 years*.

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