Florida High School Students Use Drones To Learn About Precision Agriculture

//Florida High School Students Use Drones To Learn About Precision Agriculture

Florida High School Students Use Drones To Learn About Precision Agriculture

At a Tampa Bay’s Hernando High School, a new program is teaching students about precision agriculture. The program gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn how drones can collect valuable data for farmers.

The steady humm of a drone can sometimes be heard around the campus of Hernando High School these days. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are at the center of a new program at the school.

“We strive to always try to find something different. Stay on the cutting edge of technology,” said agriculture and science teacher Rick Ahrens.

Ahrens is heading up the program that teaches students all about drones. The focus is on learning how to use them for farming. UAVs are a big help when it comes to looking for crop damage and saving resources.

“(They can) bring the information back and show it to the farmer and then the farmer only has to go out and spray right where the problem is or water right where the problem is,” Ahrens said..

Hernando students learning how drones can help farming

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