The Risks Of Weaponized Drones

//The Risks Of Weaponized Drones

The Risks Of Weaponized Drones

Austin Haughwout, Credit: YouTube

Austin Haughwout

Ever since Austin Haughwout decided it would be a smart idea to weaponize a quadcopter by attaching a semi-automatic pistol to it, there has been a very real safety concern. In an article from Drone Futures titled, “Avoiding the Ugly Side of Police Drones,” they discuss some of the dangers involved with armed drones.

While some matches are made in heaven (consider 3D printing and drones), mashing two technologies together doesn’t always have positive results. Consider a world where police drones are armed with handguns and automatic weapons. Certainly allowing the average person to modify their drones in such a way raises all kinds of alarm bells.

Avoiding the Ugly Side of Police Drones

Some of the dangers highlighted include:

  • Loss of Radio Control
  • Device Theft
  • Weapons Malfunctions
  • Legality of Use
  • Data Loss

It’s important to emphasize that Faheemuddin, the article’s author identifies this dangers regardless of who owns the drones. That is to say, even in the hands of law enforcement, these risks still exist.

We, the drone industry, need to address these safety concerns, because various law enforcement agencies around the world are already using weaponized drones. Here are three examples provided in the article:

  1. Pepper Spray Drones in India
  2. Non-Lethal Weaponized Drones in US
  3. The Switchblade Drone

What are your thoughts? How would you feel if your local law enforcement announced the use of weaponized or armed drones in your city?

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